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Notice Stage:

Fee for Preparation of Notice and

initial review of documents: $150, more for special custom

Fee for Preparation of Notice to Quit after Trustee’s

Sale and review of documents: $175

Posting and Mailing of Notice shall be effected by a registered and bonded process server. A credit card authorization form will be lodged with One Hour Legal and all process server fees will be processed directly with One Hour Legal. 

Paralegal will offer 15 minutes of free consultation regarding documents and process. Any time after the 15 minutes will be billed at the paralegal’s hourly rate of $125/hour.

Complaint Stage:

Flat Fee for paralegal preparation of documents from Complaint to

Default and Sheriff: $700.00

Preparation of UD Complaint after Trustee’s Sale: $800.00

Typical Costs:

$240 Filing Fee

    40 Writ Fee

    145 Sheriff=s Fee

    50 Courier to court to file Complaint ($70 if in Richmond, Alameda or Solano Counties)

    50 Courier to court to take default ($70 if in Richmond, Alameda and Solano Counties)

    100 Courier to court to issue Writ and take papers to Sheriff (more if Richmond or out of county)

Total for Complaint Stage up to Sheriff, including costs

Default Only: $1,325.00

THE ABOVE COSTS ARE FOR A DEFAULT EVICTION ONLY. IF AN ANSWER IS FILED, AND THE CASE IS SET FOR TRIAL, PARALEGAL HOURLY RATES WILL APPLY, BEGINNING WITH THE FILING OF A “REQUEST TO SET”. Paralegal’s hourly rate is $125 per hour. Due to the difficulty of cases as a result of COVID-19, Attorneys are no longer accepting flat rate fees. The attorneys will require a retainer fee of $1,000 to $2,500 (depending on the attorney), and a fee agreement will need to be signed. The attorney's hourly rate will be $395. If you wish to contract your own attorney, you may do so. Client agrees to sign either a A Notice of Limited Scope Representation or a A Substitution of Counsel before the commencement of trial. For all trial preparation, paralegal’s hourly rate of $125/hr will apply. Client will need to enter into contract with the Attorney at the Attorney=s hourly rates. The attorney will invoice the client directly.

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