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Can I Get a Money Judgment for an Eviction?

So you are wondering:  If the Defendant in an eviction (Unlawful Detainer) action doesn't file an answer and I simply take their default and go to the Sheriff, how do I collect on my unpaid rent and legal fees?
Answer:  You can still file papers showing testimonial evidence through writings requesting the judge to grant you a money judgment.  You have to file a Request, a Declaration and a Money Judgment setting forth all that is owed to you, and then once the money judgment is granted, you will want to record an Abstract of Judgment with the County Recorder's Office which puts a personal lien upon them until you can collect.

Eviction Procedures Diagram

Here you will find an Eviction Procedures Diagram.  It shows the steps of an eviction in simple, laymen's terms.  I hope that this is helpful for you to understand the procedure of an eviction.
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What Are the Procedural Steps in An Eviction?

The first step in an eviction is to give the tenant notice of their violation of the lease, whether it be for nonpayment of rent or violation of a covenant of the lease (e.g., trash all over, illegal activity or too many occupants).  It is important to have a proper form of notice provided by a knowledgeable source with up-to-date information.
After the proper notice has been served on the tenant, and the notice term has expired (their time is up), then you need to file a complaint with the correct court.

Welcome to my Eviction Blog

This is my first posting to my All About Eviction Blog.  I am going to try to discuss and give information on topics that I feel are being repeatedly asked by my clients.  Some of those topics will include:  "If my landlord files an Unlawful Detainer Complaint against me, how long do I have before the Sheriff arrives?" or "If I am in foreclosure, but there is a tenant renting from me with a long-term lease, what are the tenant's rights?" or "Can I evict my tenant, even though they are paying the rent, if they have more people in the unit than were originally stated in our lease?
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