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Notice Stage:
Fee for Preparation of Notice: $50, $55 for rent control
Or special custom
Fee for Preparation of Notice to Quit after Trustee’s
 Sale: $50
Posting and Mailing of Notice:
Concord/Walnut Creek/Pleasant Hill: $30 - TOTAL $85
Brentwood/Oakley/Pittsburg/Antioch/Mtz: $50 - TOTAL $100
Alameda County/Richmond/Solano: $70 - TOTAL $120

Complaint Stage:
Flat Fee for preparation of documents from Complaint to
  Default and Sheriff: $500.00
$240 Filing Fee
    25 Writ Fee
  145 Sheriff's Fee
     50 Courier to court to file Complaint ($70 if in Richmond or Alameda County)
    50 Courier to court to take default ($70 if in Richmond or Alameda)
  100 Courier to court to issue Writ and take papers to Sheriff (more if Richmond or Alameda County)
 130 Process Server ($150 if in Richmond, Brentwood/Antioch, Disc. Bay, Alameda)

Total for Complaint Stage up to Sheriff, including costs
Default Only:       $1,240.00

If an Application for an Order to Post needs to be filed, an extra preparation charge of $50 will apply, together with the filing fee of $20, the process server’s fee of $10 per defendant and a courier fee of $50 ($70 if in Richmond, Brentwood, Disc. Bay, Alameda), for the total sum of $130.

PLEASE NOTE:    If one of the Defendants is personally served, and it takes two court runs in order to obtain defaults on more than one Defendant, then the extra courier charges shall be borne by Plaintiff/Owner.

THE ABOVE COSTS ARE FOR A DEFAULT EVICTION ONLY.  IF AN ANSWER IS FILED, AND THE CASE NEEDS TO BE SET FOR TRIAL, PARALEGAL HOURLY RATES WILL APPLY, BEGINNING WITH THE FILING OF A “REQUEST TO SET”.  Paralegal’s hourly rate is $100 per hour.  An Attorney will be available to appear in the Martinez or Pittsburg courts of Contra Costa County for a flat rate of $475.  Richmond shall be $575.  A flat-rate price for all other counties shall be set on an individual basis.  This flat fee covers one-half hour of file review, travel to court, and one hour of time at the UD trial. If the calendar call at the courthouse is long the day of trial, and the Attorney is required to wait until the client’s case is called, then the Attorney shall charge $100 per hour for each hour over the one-hour allotted time.  If you wish to contract your own attorney, you may do so. Client agrees to sign either a A "Notice of Limited Scope Representation" or a "Substitution of Counsel” before the commencement of trial.  For all trial preparation, paralegal’s hourly rates will apply.  If the case appears to be a complicated one, a retainer will be requested before trial is set.  If the Attorney is needed for legal representation other than the flat-rate appearances described above, Client will need to enter into contract with the Attorney at the Attorney's hourly rates.  The Attorney’s flat rate of $475 for the court appearance (or the appropriate rate for the particular court venue) is due on or before the date of trial or hearing.  If payment is not received on the date of the trial or the hearing, then a $100 late fee will be added to the flat rate fee.

Separate fees apply to post-judgment or money judgment preparation.  Judgment collection also available, including wage garnishments, Abstracts of Judgment and Orders of Examination.

Available for negotiations with tenants.  Fluent in Spanish.  Over 30 years of legal experience.

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